Kari Cholnoky & Erin Lee Jones
28 February to 28 March 2016
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Faux fur, spaghetti, urethane foam, wigs, and plastic loaves of bread, are piled, stacked, slathered, glued, and painted on in new work by Kari Cholnoky. Continuing to push the sculptural boundaries of her painting hybrids, Cholnoky presents work that explodes from its frame, reaches to the floor, and even abandons the wall altogether to be seen in the round. The accumulations of layers in these unusual compositions take on an other-worldly presence. The growths, blobs, and hairy textures of the surfaces oscillate between macro and microscopic realms. Synthetic source materials mutate into a new form of nature as the work visually sprouts and germinates under Cholnoky’s guidance.

Similarly incorporating a process-driven alchemy, Erin Lee Jones works boldly to capture the unstable surroundings of our natural world, resulting in vivid icons. Fragments of tinfoil, fringe, terrazzo, pools of watery acrylic, are all cast into hydrocal to reshape into a frozen tie-dye relief. The improbable combinations of materials embedded in their depths uncover familiar faces. Some of the plaster concoctions work together in modular panels to reveal figures; a bare-breasted totem-like woman fearlessly handling snakes, two mirroring figures that dissolve into a patchwork quilt. Other works appear as large dilated eyes, recalling the hypnotic gaze of ancient Sumerian figuration, offering a moment that both suspends and spans time.