Dau And Dill: Curated by Eddie Martinez
16 June to 17 July 2016
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Organized by Eddie Martinez.

“I have followed both Dau And Dill’s work for several years.

Mairikke was coach of an artist type soccer team called Steal Your Face, after a couple seasons she went to get her MFA in painting at MassArt.
Sam and I went to her thesis show and I was completely blown away by the new work, and have kept a keen eye on her since then.

I can’t remember excatly where I first saw Ariel’s work, but I know that I was stoked and then every consecutive time I saw it for a few years, I asked who it was and it was her! I went to her studio last year and it firmed up my affection for the work and here we are.

Their work is definitely different and unique from one another but makes perfect sense to me together.”

– EM