Dan Hougland & David Kennedy Cutler
23 August to 10 October 2015
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Dan Hougland's practice derives from his background in experimental noise music, which he applies to create his dazzling array of skewed imagery. Hougland's current medium is his smartphone, on which he compulsively chops-up, samples, loops, and remixes his everyday surroundings into a bizarre new reality. The artist's daily grind of driving a delivery truck into various neighborhoods of Manhattan lends him time to catch glimpses of street scenes; sometimes sublime, other times banal. Hougland intersperses these sightings with photos taken from the web, and then throws in a character or a few to inhabit these terrains. Some of the figures we see repeated range from animals to muppets to throwback cartoon characters like Tazz and the Pink Panther; the artist himself even makes an appearance attired as Obi-Wan Kenobi. This motley cast often serves as an absurd foil to the awe-inducing backdrops devised by Hougland. The works displayed in the gallery are a selection from the artist's Instagram archive of digital collages, and are presented on canvas via inkjet printing.

Working with a similar employment of inkjet printing, David Kennedy Cutler takes his practice inward to produce his dynamic photographic / sculptural hybrids. Cutler seamlessly intertwines flat sheets of materials such as aluminum, plexiglass and fabric to ravel them into sensuous forms. Using a scanning wand, the artist captures imagery such as limbs from his own and his wife's bodies, his worn-out plaid shirt, and tiles from his bathroom apartment. These materials from Cutler's intimate surroundings are transferred from his everyday life to a flat 2D surface, and back again to three-dimensional form, image-objects alluding to an alternate reality. Forged from the archaeology of his daily experience, Cutler’s work visually grapples with the frenetic competition between virtual and material consciousness in a rapidly changing world.