Andy Cahill: Home
14 October to 12 November 2017
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You’re in your house and there’s a stranger with you in your house.

Any number of ways this scenario could spin out of control.

Let’s role play.

You be Leaseholder, I’ll be Subletter.

You be Landowner, I’ll be Trespasser.

You be Farmer’s Wife, I’ll be Family Dog.

You be Hummel Figure, I’ll be Shotgun Shell.

You be Peeping Tom, I’ll be Devil In The Drain.

Safe Gallery is happy to announce its inaugural solo show, Home, by Andy Cahill. We are pleased to exhibit Cahill’s new body of work; in which layer upon layer of prismatic fine lines swell together to form kaleidoscopic imagery. The artist applies a mixture of urethane paint via plastic squeeze bottles, creating a compilation of marks that seem to hover on the canvas. In a flick of Cahill’s wrist, clouds of paint splatter and curl into cartoonish apparitions of perverse domesticity. Familiar yet strange settings fill each picture plane- a stern figure at a morphing dinner table; a house that grows ears; and a smoker who blows puff out of a shirt sleeve. Menacing characters are consistent in Cahill’s work, exposing the darkness and vulnerability of the male psyche. This concept is vividly expressed in a thirteen foot panoramic triptych in which a half naked man crawls through the woods at dusk, grasping toward a purple house. Cahill is fearless in questioning our surroundings, his paintings poke holes in our collective daily routines and the aftermath is both haunting and cathartic.