Alex Eagleton: This is Heaven
22 September to 04 November 2018
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Alex Eagleton's latest body of work materialized from an act of automatic drawing - in a moment of submission, he painted his father's nose. This character evolved from his father to himself to other characters that he referred to as "Liars". Memories appeared of encounters with expatriates in Greece stopping amid deep conversation, drunk on Amstel and Ouzo, to remark on the beauty of the sunset. These hybrid memories of varied liars, expats and settings, act as principal figures in Eagleton’s paintings. “This is Heaven” refers to the shared sentiment of the dreamers who take in the sunset in a new home. The brief, yet daily, flash of beauty before the night sets in. These recollections translate into portraits of gestural idyllic settings which bring the past into a space that inhabits the concept of permanent presence - whether it's short bursts or long hauls now is heaven and heaven is now.

Eagleton continues his relationship with decorative household materials as he transforms domestic mirrors into paintings. The resulting panels are large mirrors with painted imagined portraiture in tandem with simple swoops of line that hint at background landscapes. The bright palette and buttery texture of the paint interacting with the surface of the mirror creates a plane of playful color and expression. The portraits tout elongated nostrils, stunned eyes, and sideways glances rendered in swerving citrusy marks. When hung in unison, the works reflect off one another and establish negative space that is permanently active. Amongst the complication of reflections, subtle references to sunsets, clouds and landscapes are mirrored from other works across the room. The exercise of restraint in loosely applied paint results in the viewer's reflection momentarily infiltrating the work itself.

Alex Eagleton works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has shown works at NADA NY and Art Athina with Safe Gallery in Brooklyn. Most recently Eagleton was included in group shows in Hydra (School House Project), Mykonos (Dio Horia), London (Flat Two) and New York (CANADA, Club Rhubarb). He also has Aetopoulos, an artist run project space in Athens, Greece. This is his first solo presentation with Safe Gallery.