The Burn Show: Curated by Blair Blumberg & Jonny Campolo
on 20 July 2019
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The Burn Show was presented by Safe Gallery on July 20, 2019 at Folly Tree Arboretum, East Hampton, NY. Curated by Blair Blumberg and Jonny Campolo.

Participating artists included:

Tisch Abelow
Joshua Abelow
Michael Assiff
Blair Blumberg
Jonny Campolo
Ryan Chin
Kari Cholnoky
Nick DeMarco
Alex Eagleton
Myls Forte

Joey Frank
Amanda Friedman
Jashin Friedrich
Nick Fusaro
Phillip John Velasco Gabriel
Ted Gahl

Brittni Harvey
Jose Heredia
Serban Ionescu
Gregory Kalliche
Jordan Kasey
Josie Keefe
Kathryn Kerr
Noel de Lesseps
Antonia Kuo
Nathaniel de Large
Jack Lawler

James English Leary
Abby Lloyd

Flannery McDonell
Eamon Monaghan
Patrick Nininger
Jason Nocito 

Mamoun Nukumanu
Tony Oursler

Chris Retsina

Andy Ralph

Will Rose

Leigh Ruple
Clayton Schiff
Emma Soucek

Will Stewart

Jesse Sullivan
Jeffrey Tranchell
Raine Trainor

Ariel Zambenedetti

With special guest Water McBeer and a performance by Vern